Minutes of DVA Meeting January 2019

Minute of DVA meeting of January 2019

This minute has been approved by the DVA Committee
Minute of Meeting of 17th January 2019
Present: R. Gardner (Chair); S. Low (Treasurer); C. Hamer (Minute Secretary); D. Carter; A. Orr; F. Dingwall; J. Finlay; K. & S. Cornwell; M. McNee; M. Barker; D. Tait; N. Steel; F. McClintock; T. & C. Drysdale; M. Coutts; D. Holloway; M. Hickey; B. Thomson; P. DuVivier
Apologies: S. Steel; P. McDonald
R. Gardner introduced himself as the chairman
Approval of the Minute of the November Meeting: Proposed by J. Finlay and seconded by F. McClintock.
Matters Arising: None
Public Realm: DC suggested a second community meeting to run through public realm projects. The War Memorial Green could be a stand alone project for the Centenary in 2020, possibly seek funding from NBCAP.
NBCAP: TD, AO and DC attended last meeting. Budget for the remainder of the financial year is still being discussed. DC requested funds for the hedge project – decision not expected until 18th January. Application made for £297 for BT/Openreach Survey of the memorial green. UPDATE: Approved. Cables were undergrounded in most of the village c. 25 years ago. Grant of £750 approved for Bowling Clubhouse improvements. B. Simpson’s solicitors have made a positive response to the lease agreement, may be agreed within a month. AO suggested DC take over the voting right for DVA at meetings. H Smith (NBCAP Chair) to be formally invited to talk at DVA meeting.
Castlemains Planning Application: All responses are available to view on Scottish Govt. website including many objections raised by the villagers and ELC legal team response. Appellant has 2 weeks to respond. Reporter will undertake a site visit and then conclude their report, which is expected in March.
Village Plan: Green plan aims to reduce CO2 emissions, Format not decided, possibly through increased tree planting. Intention to include Dirleton Primary School (DPS) involvement.
DT to report back to DVA regarding Sustainability Policy at next meeting.
September project wildflower planting in the long grass areas surrounding trees.
Winter Resilience Plan: Gullane plan has not been finalised. When it is DVA will use it as a template. There was a healthy debate over ELC’s suggested “hand in the window” action to notify neighbours that they are in need of assistance. Suggested security is for the vulnerable people that the action is aimed at but unlikely that scammers would be active during inclement weather and neighbours should be able to quickly respond to those in need. It was suggested that this is added to the DGN letter but not actioned.
Hedge Planting: JF highlighted the loss of most of the c.200 year old hedge between Oatfield and the Eel Burn. The replacement of the hedge will be a green project for the village, educational and interactive inclusive of DPS running from January until April.
Project Cost: c.£980 incl VAT; Funding £200 pledged privately, £350 GACC, £276 requested from NBCAP UPDATE: Approved. VAT cost of c. £163 may be covered by ordering materials through the ELC Ranger service. DVA to underwrite the VAT amount if not.
If ELC Ranger D. Wild is involved then a 1st Aider is required. DT can provide 1st Aid Kit and is First Aider.
Lamp Posts Project: Standard lamp post chosen for the village in keeping with historical ones. Needs to be agreed with ELC maintenance for ongoing replacements. LED downlighters to minimise impact on the night sky. Hopefully start at the memorial green.
Post Office Outreach: Aberlady PO is to close. Mobile service currently operates 1 day/wk for 2hrs at Gullane, Innerwick, Garvald and Stenton. Possibly Dirleton on a Tuesday (same as Gullane) but needs to change dates of others so PO want commitment. AO to issue a note with Dirleton Good Neighbours (DGN) newsletter requesting feedback on the whether the villagers want this service – The loss of the PO wasn’t raised as a significant issue at the Village Community Consultation. Doris’ to be reappoached regarding set up in Amalfi or possibly mobile service with ADSL line established in the phone box. UPDATE: Robert Doris has confirmed that he does not want to be involved in the PO Outreach idea either within the cafe or, if a PO van becomes a possibility, as a parking point.
Coronation Tree: Healthy debate over the replacement / relocation of the Coronation memorial oak opposite the Castle Inn. DH pointed out that ELC were consulted over the position and type of tree and DPS children placed wishes prior to planting. DC pointed out that ELC did not consider the historical landscape planning of the village green and if left to mature it would significantly affect the view to the Castle Inn from the green and down Manse Road towards the war memorial. Three ways forward:
a) Transplant the existing tree into an existing area of trees. It was suggested between bus stop and toilet block. This would replace a tree lost last year. Cost associated with excavation around root ball winter 1 and hessian wrapping, excavation and moving winter 2. Time constraint as tree is close to the size limit at which transplanting is feasible and potential for TPO if exceeds a certain girth.
b) Fell the existing tree and plant a replacement oak tree of a smaller mature size with an addition to the memorial plaque. DH’s objection to this is noted.
c) Prune the existing tree to maintain a reasonable size – Long-term financial implication and responsibility.
Mailchimp letter to DVA members for feedback and debate further at next committee meeting when results are in.
GACC: TD nothing to report that affects the village. Drainage issues associated with new development in Gullane and Aberlady. Local Priorities Fund (LPF) made an award to Children’s Hub in Gullane, which is open to residents of surrounding villages. RG volunteered unopposed to be the DVA representative at GACC meetings.
AOB: MM notified the community police officer of persistent speeding vehicles on Ware Road and Station Road. CH suggested MM and CH maintain a diary of incidents.
Fete & Games committee to meet 23rd January. F&G is scheduled for 22nd June. B Simpson requires confirmation whether the container he has is suitable for storage as the gazebos are becoming mildewed. GACC is still holding £800 funding and needs confirmation if it is required.
MM confirmed that Neighbourhood Watch is back up and running.
KC confirmed that Prentice have agreed to route the Haddington bus through the village. The timetable is available on the internet. This bus goes to the new hospital.
ELC are to increase the cost of hanging baskets from £25 with no VAT to £30.00 plus VAT, which takes it to over £1,000. DVA to come up with alternatives – Fewer baskets, baskets in one area, No baskets but permanent planters?
CH to contact 1st responders for a presentation at next public meeting in March.
Date of Next Meeting: Committee 21st February at Amalfi. Full DVA 14th March.
Minutes of DVA Meeting January 2019