Dirleton Post Office Outreach cancelled.

Unfortunately yesterday I was advised that the Dirleton Post Office Outreach service has now been cancelled completely by the Post Office and there are no plans for it to reopen it again.   This decision was made by the Post Office as, due to ongoing staffing issues, we have had to resign the Outreach contract. […]

Dirleton and Area Local Place Plan

All local communities in Scotland have been asked to provide a Local Place Plan (LPP) in relation to what the community wish to activate over the next 5-10 years. Following the open afternoon we held in the Kirk Hall on 27th August 2022 we have a good idea of the various issues within the village […]

Latest News]Active and Sustainable Travel North Berwick Coastal Ward

Hello,   A few months ago, I reached out to you about the Sustaining Choices initiative that has been running in the North Berwick.   To recap, Sustaining Choices project is being led by the North Berwick Area Partnership’s On the Move group and supported by PAS. Sustaining Choices aims to support more people to […]