Details for Dirleton Good Neighbours

Dirleton Good Neighbours was launched at the beginning of September 2017.

We are a Constituted Community Group, whose aims are to keep Dirleton residents healthy, active and connected.

While Covid-19 restrictions are in place, many of Good Neighbours activities, such as the monthly Lunch Hub and Activity Classes are not possible, but DGN continues to promote activities and community connections appropriate to the Covid restrictions in force at the point in time.

2021 – Good Neighbours has launched quarterly colour Newsletter to keep Dirleton residents in touch with their community. This will be delivered by Mailchimp emails to residents who are online, and by a letter drop to those who are not. Use the contact details below to ask to be included on our mailing list for this Newsletter and regular email updates on village items of interest.  An Archive of newsletters and contact emails will be maintained on this website (see panel on right).