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Click the Title(s) below to see volunteering oppertunities in East Loathian:

This project provides child and adult size wheelchairs and walkers from a beach hut at the harbour.
After a successful trial period, it has been confirmed that the project will continue throughout the year - every day during daylight hours.
For information on volunteering
phone: 0749 460 0954

Charity Shops on North Berwick High Street
All these shops are dependent on volunteers, and it is noticeable that some have to unexpectedly close due to lack of volunteers.
Visit or phone to enquire.

The Bethany Shop, Summerside Place, Gullane is looking for volunteers.
You can phone or pop into their shop to discuss, but you will need to fill in an application form, which is available online.
phone: 01620 842 808

Coastal Communities Museum
School Road, North Berwick.
Dependent on volunteers for keeping the museum open to public.
summer opening: Wednesday to Saturday 11 - 4
winter opening: weekends only

Part of a national network helping individuals and families to cope
Volunteer help needed to distribute food to families


Meets on the first Thursday of each month 9.30 - 3
Work on control of buckthorn, pirri-pirri bur mapping and removal
Contact Dave Wild, Countryside Ranger
Wide variety of other opportunities to volunteer through the
website: Countryside Ranger Section of East Lothian Council's website

Volunteers of all ages are welcomed for a variety of tasks.
Teenagers might enjoy volunteering with the practical benefit of an activity to put on their personal statement for university application or as part of their participation in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.

North Berwick
facebook page:

See the Leisure activities page on this website to read about the groups.

Supports families in East Lothian with at least one child under 5.
A chance for rewarding friendships, training and new skills.
Volunteer preparations courses.
Phone: 01875 616 066



Muirfield Riding Therapy, West Fenton, North Berwick.
Volunteer if you would like to:
work with ponies
have fun being part of a dynamic team
help to make a difference to the lives of adults and children with disability.
There is a viewing area for the public to view the activities

Valerie Nimmo (phone 01620 850381) and Sheila Cornwell (01620 850721), both Dirleton residents, volunteer regularly on a Friday afternoon and if you ring them, will be delighted to introduce you to the inspiring work of this centre.


The car scheme aims to provide transport for people finding it difficult to get to local health and welfare related appointments
Operates Monday to Friday 9 - 5
Contact details for NBVCS:
Contact is Colleen Praill.
Phone: 01620 894 942.
See also the Council(s) and Volunteer Services page on this website

Volunteer to help with fundraising or by adopting a dog, either permanently or as a short or long-term foster home

Volunteer Centre East Lothian (Previously named "Strive") is a local website that aims to match the skills and interests of those wishing to volunteer with the opportunities that are available.


Phone: 01875 615423

Would you like to give a new free range home to former battery hens? The local co-ordinator (Dunbar collection point) is trying to encourage residents in this area of East Lothian to become part of the rescue scheme. There is plenty of advice on suitable housing and ongoing care, plus a small charge per hen of £3.50 to cover rehousing costs.
For more information:


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