Details of the Local Place Plan” type=”cite” class=”cite2″>

All local communities in Scotland have been asked to provide a Local Place Plan (LPP) in relation to what the community wish to activate over the next 5-10 years. Following the open afternoon we held in the Kirk Hall on 27th August 2022 we have a good idea of the various issues within the village and surrounding areas which everyone think are important and a summary of those discussions is attached. In order to put together our LPP which will be submitted in May of this year, we are inviting everyone to come along to the

  Kirk Hall on Saturday 16th March between 1-4pm 

to have your say.  It is likely that the following subjects will form the major part of our LPP:

  • The derelict village hall
  • Environmental Improvements and access (including cycle/walking paths)
  • Social activities and communications
  • Landscape, climate change action and nature conservation
  • The Castle Inn area road safety options
  • Heritage conservation and Housing

If anyone has additional topics they wish to discuss then please let us know at this planned meeting on 16th March.

We have attached more details around what a LPP is and an example of one from another part of Scotland.

For more details and documentation please follow the link:” type=”cite” class=”cite2″>