DGN Child and Vulnerable Persons Policies

Dirleton Good Neighbours:  Child/Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy


Dirleton Good Neighbours has a duty to provide children and vulnerable adults with appropriate safety and protection. As the welfare of the child/vulnerable adult is paramount, we are committed to providing safe facilities so that children/vulnerable adults may participate in activities in a secure environment. Additionally, we promote ethical behaviour, providing children/vulnerable adults with a sense of being valued. On this basis, we aim to ensure safe recruitment practices are always followed, to establish the suitability of volunteers to work with children and/or vulnerable adults.


It is ultimately the responsibility of the Coordinator, Anne Orr, to ensure that this policy is published (see Dirleton Village Website) and accessible to all volunteers and any relevant third parties.


In order to provide safety, protection and security to children/vulnerable adults throughout our activities, we will adhere to our child/vulnerable adult protection policy/statement and aim to:


  • protect all children and vulnerable adults from abuse, whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, language, ethnic origin, religious beliefs or sexuality
  • raise awareness of child and vulnerable adult protection issues and promote good practice


Volunteers who will be working unsupervised with children or vulnerable adults will be required to apply for, or have updated, the appropriate PVG Scheme Record provided by Dirleton Good Neighbours, which organisation is enrolled with Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services, and in addition for working in Dirleton Primary School to also complete the required Existing PVG Scheme Member Application required by East Lothian Council.


Anne Orr, Coordinator, Dirleton Good Neighbours, January 2019