Minute of Meeting of 20th June 2019

                                                  DIRLETON VILLAGE ASSOCIATION

                                        Minute of Meeting of 20th June 2019

Approved at the meeting of 19th September 2019

Present: R. Gardner (Chair); C. Hamer (Minute Secretary); S. Low (Treasurer) T. & C. Drysdale F. McClintock; J. Finlay; F. Dingwall; K. Cornwell; M. McNie; D. Tait; N. Steel; W. Main; D. Holloway; B. & V. Nimmo; W Anderson; D. & P. McDonald; M. & D. Coutts; P Du Vivier; I. Carson; B. Thomson

1.    Apologies: D. Carter; S. Steel; S. Cornwell; A. Orr; J. & C. Lindsay; M. Barker

2.    Approval of the Minute of March Meeting: TD pointed out that it was the 60th anniversary of the queen’s coronation that was commemorated by planting the tree. Only 22 attendants remained after the tree debate. R. Thomson pointed out a typo to his name. Otherwise accepted as correct and CH to amend.

3.    Matters Arising: None, all addressed below.

4.    Public Realm / Area Partnership

War Memorial Green regeneration project

Proposals by DC and JF based on the outcomes of the 2017 Dirleton Discussion Day were presented to the membership at a special meeting on 16th May. It was agreed that they should form the basis of the DVA’s request for funding to the Area Partnership for the year 2019-2020. They were subsequently presented to the Area Partnership on 21st May, and voted on at the subsequent meeting on 11th June. The DVA are to take the proposal forward and to begin discussions with the Roads department and the AP. Final approval will not be forthcoming until the Roads department are able to provide budget costings. The available budget is £50,000, and there are no other ‘On the Move’ projects currently proposed for this year, the NB charrette still continuing its discussions. Safe Routes to School bids may arrive later in the year.

A funding application to the War Memorial Fund is also required.             Action DC

DC met with the church session and presented the DVA proposals. The church approves of the proposals and supports the project. They asked for no changes. DC promised to keep the session up to date with developments.

DGN application for £2,000 grant from the AP has been approved.

5.    GACC

White lining between Gullane and Luffness affected parking.

AO applied to the GACC priorities fund for grant of £375 for DGN.

6.    Buyout of New Mains Farmland

ELC Ranger suggested that the DVA look into a community purchase of the land up for sale at New Mains/Archerfield East Farm with a view to creating a Dirleton Common Nature Resource. The committee did so by visiting Gifford woodland project and by beginning to form a community land company, but subsequently discovered that the Act did not allow for the community to participate in a ‘live’ market bidding situation, as in this case. The community interest would have had to have been registered before the land went on the market, but there was insufficient time for this to be achieved. This has now been put on the back burner and possibly re-register for new landowner.

7.    Planning

Castlemains Farm Planning Appeal

Approved after review by Scottish Govt. DC is following up the section 75 Agreement issues to see if the community has any right of comment on:

•    The proposed play area. Should it not be subject to its own planning application? Where is it to go? Will it be on the historic village green or will it be limited to the existing footprint? The DVA reported the fact as part of its planning submission that the school’s headmaster reported a lack of a playing field for sports/outdoor exercise etc at the school- can the new play area be located there and fulfil this function?

•    The new lighting for the scheme and the extension eastwards to the main road junction: the DVA has done work on the history of street lighting in the village, and has found an appropriate restoration lamppost similar to the original type to replace the current mixed types over time and for new ones like this. It would also like to see Smart lighting, with lights switching over to sensors after midnight, thus saving the council considerable costs, and reducing energy consumption. Can the DVA submit this information? Who to, how and when?

•    Further changes proposed by the Reporter to the materials and landscaping.

Archerfield planning application

Application includes proposed houses behind East Lodge. The committee submitted an objection on behalf of the DVA. The application is considered complicated by the planners who are concentrating on a large application in Longniddry.

8.    New Mains Right of Way

Circular and Questionnaire issued to members. Evidence of long-term use of the path is required. TD to issue results to ELC who will approach the Scottish Rights of Way Society. The Forestry Commission are considering a fine for felling of trees in excess of 5m3/quarter allowance.

9.    Bowling Clubhouse

Documents are ready to go to tender. Lease was signed on 17th June. Whether the grant application process can be completed before September to allow work to start as planned is now in question. The AP have approved an application made by DC on behalf of the club for the planning application fee.

10.    Winter Resilience Plan

Dirleton’s plan will be amalgamated with Gullane and Aberlady. DT has agreed to be the Single Point of Contact (SPOC). DT is working with AO to populate data required for volunteer 4×4 drivers, road clearance and 1st aiders. To be publicised at Dirleton F&G. The primary school is the meeting point with the Kirk Hall providing a secondary meeting point. There is a grant of up to £1,000 available from the Scottish Govt. for setting up the WRP for provision of grit bins, fluorescent jackets for volunteers etc.

11.    Fete & Games

All set up 1 – 5pm on Saturday 22nd.

12    Hedge Planting Project.

Planting complete. The dead hedging is planned for August. However, the sudden unexpected sale of the land by Archerfield Estate after such a short period of ownership has raised on-going issues with regard to the future and maintenance of the hedge. DC has discussed with Archerfield estates, and they have promised to include a clause in the sale documents as a burden on the Deeds. DC to monitor and to follow up with the new owner.

13    Sustainability Policy

DT presented a final draft. SL commented that it’s the Council/Govt responsibility to drive sustainability not the DVA’s. DT replied that it was about promoting awareness. TD suggested a review by committee and RG agreed. DT has suggested the constitution needs to be changed to incorporate the sustainability policy but following discussion on the wording it was questioned as to whether this was necessary. To be discussed at the 8th August committee meeting.

14    AOB

•    MM questioned why yellow road markings had been used for the bus stop opposite Amalfi. Previously agreed with ELC that only white lining would be used.

•    General debate on delivery vehicles to the Open Arms are blocking the access road to properties to the north. Questioned as to why they can’t use the driveway / car park. In addition, patrons pull out of the side road/car park without looking/unaware of the access road. Could signage be added to warn to look left/right. DVA to approach the owner.

•    General debate on the no entry signs on to the main road at the Castle Inn. These are advisory only as no Road Traffic Order has been put in place. Members reminded to make a note of the registration of any vehicles seen exiting and advise the community police officers who have previously taken action.

•    It was mentioned (no name) that a habit has developed of removing the wreaths from the War Memorial without consultation. The DVA should try to ensure that this is discontinued.

Date of Next Meeting: Committee 8th August 7.30pm at the Kirk Hall. Next full DVA meeting 19th September.

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